The Society

The Hellenic Semiotic Society (HSS) was founded in 1978 at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki with the aim to promote the growth of semiotic studies and research in Greece. Semiotics is the science that studies both contemporary and past culture as systems of signs. Among its main research areas is everyday social interaction, gestures and fashion, the structures of poetry and literature, the communication codes of music, visual and performative arts, media, as well as of architecture and, more generally, the build environment. In this way, semiotics develops in close interdisciplinary dialogue and collaboration with the full range of human and social sciences, from sociology, politics and anthropology, to psychology, education, linguistics, philosophy and literary studies to the arts, architecture and urban planning.

HSS is a member of the International Association of Semiotic Societies (IASS-AIS) and collaborates closely with the Southeast European Centre for Semiotic Studies at the New Bulgarian University of Sofia and the Cyprus’ Semiotic Circle.